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Why the Green Bay Packers won’t be able to defeat the Tennessee Titans?

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The Green Bay Packers are set to meet in-form Tennessee Titans as the NFL regular season draws to a close.

The Packers are one of the favorites teams to win the Super Bowl this season. With an 11-3 record after Week 14, they are almost sure to make the Playoffs.

Their next test will be to overcome Derrick Henry and the Titans, who are on a 10-4 record.

NFL Analyst Mike Greenberg is of the opinion that if the Packers can contain Henry, they will be on their route for Super Bowl. He said:

“If the Packers shut down Derrick Henry this weekend, then I will say they, the Green Bay Packers. That is their ticket to the Super Bowl. That is the one thing they haven’t been able to do.”

However, fellow analyst Louis Riddick holds a different opinion to Greenberg and believes that the Packers will not be able to hold against the Titans’ offense.

“Yeah, because they are not going to shut down Derrick Henry. This is a football team. Arthur Smith, the offensive coordinator in Tennessee, absolutely knows exactly who they want to be offensive. And they know exactly how they want to attack you…”

“Their running games are different. Their running backs are different. Derrick Henry, when you see him just take grown men and throw them to the ground.

“I’m going to bet on him. I’m going to be on how multiple this offense is in Tennessee. And I don’t think that this Green Bay has the firepower to deal with that right now.”

However, Riddick reserved some credit for the Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers even though he asserted again that the Titans will come out victorious in the match.

“Although I will say this, Aaron has lifted the entire operation offensively and defensively. Because of his effect on the entire football team is something that you cannot question.

“They will be in the NFC championship game for sure. But I just don’t think they have enough upfront to deal with this Tennessee running game.”

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